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1. One that zigzags.
2. A sewing-machine attachment for sewing zigzag stitches.
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Other beer flavors have fascinating labels: The Englishman, Ida, Ripe, Kraken, Message in a Bottle, Hop Attack, Rolling Fog, Key Wheat, Old Xabier 56, Zigzagger, Twin Peaks, Luscious Lychee, Pale!
The package costs P865,000, which includes 20 sewing machines which is P29,000 each; three round cutting machines, P5,000 each; three steam presses, P5,000 each; three zigzagger machines, P30,650 each; three edging machines, P30,650 each; and three piping machines, 55,995 each.
Manuel Munoz is the out author of The Faith Healer of Olive Avenue and Zigzagger.