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(ˈzɪlɑː) ,




(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) an administrative district in India
[C19: from Hindi dilah division, from Arabic dil' part]
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based company, Denmat," Zila CEO David Speights told Arkansas Business.
2 million, driven largely by Zila Nutraceuticals' Ester-brand marketing efforts.
Research indicates that those who have been repeatedly abused are the most likely to inflict self injury (Favazza & Rosenthal, 1993; Kehrberg, 1997; McLane, 1996; Simpson, 1981; Zila & Kiselica, 2001).
The unit will operate as a comprehensive research, development and licensing business specializing in precancer and cancer detection through Zila tolonium chloride, a patented technology.
Zila Professional Pharmaceuticals, a division of Zila, Inc.
Zila already holds several patents and has additional patent applications pending for the use of a specific dye, toluidine blue 0, or tolonium chloride, for the detection of oral cancer.
The publicly traded Zila said it had big plans for Pro-Dentec, which has about 350 employees and makes Soft Tissue Management oral care products that are sold directly to dental offices.
Ester-C[R] manufacturer Zila Nutraceuticals, Phoenix, AZ, will launch its new Ester-E[TM] product early this year.
EBITDA from continuing operations, which Zila defines as earnings from continuing operations before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization, was a negative $950,000 in the first quarter this year compared with a positive $56,000 last year.