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n. Informal
One having an immense, incalculable amount of wealth.

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a person who has an extremely large but unspecified amount of money
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This looming break-up is itself of no small significance because, under a Seattle law where Amazon is incorporated, Bezos will have to split his $137 billion fortune in equal share with his ex-wife, thus relegating him down the zillionaire scale and leaving Bill Gates to reoccupy the position of Number 1.
I have three categories of art,' said a certain cosmetics zillionaire, as reported by society-bible Vanity Fair, 'Oh, Oh my, and Oh my God.'
So it's a 24-carat injustice the zillionaire's council tax is, according to Dent Coad, only a measly tenner a week more than Mrs B's - what a flunkey of the Sultan might slip a doorman outside a swanky hotel.
Robert Kraft, the owner of the Super Bowl champion Boston Patriots and maybe the most beloved zillionaire in America, has been attacked for being a friend of Donald Trump, not so beloved by the liberal elites and their children.
Malek always sort of lived in his own world which he created in his mind where he was the zillionaire , the world president, the astronaut , the Oscar winning actor and the loving father for eight children living in Beverly Hills...; however, his number one passion was and always will be watching and analyzing movies!
To turn John le Carre's high-stakes espionage yarn into a complete TV thought, Farr shifted the action from 1990s Colombia to contemporary Egypt's "Arab Spring," and teased out a tight cat-and-mouse between an ordinary hotel manager and a wicked zillionaire arms broker.
After the brief marriage, Perkins himself wrote a novel: "Sex and the Single Zillionaire," published in 2006.
If I had a pound for every second I spent in a checkout or 'please pay here' queue, I would have enough cash to buy out Amazon and become a zillionaire.
Bussing-Burks is the author of six other books: Starbucks: Corporations that Changed the World, Money for Minors: A Student's Guide to Economics, Influential Economics, Profits from the Evening News: Using Leading Economic Indicators to Make Smart Money Decisions, and The Young Zillionaire's Guide to Taxation and Government Spending.
"The One-Minute Zillionaire: Achieve Wealth, Fame, and Success in an Instant" is an inspirational read from Lowell T.