zinc deficiency

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Noun1.zinc deficiency - a deficiency caused by inadequate zinc in the diet or by liver disease or cystic fibrosis or other diseases
deficiency disease - any disease caused by a lack of an essential nutrient (as a vitamin or mineral)
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They have also engaged in a number of topical issues, such as highlighting zinc deficiency in millennials and the positive influence of meat on male fertility.
The study indicated that in children with severe zinc deficiency could be a possible marker of severe pneumonia.
Zinc deficiency was observed most frequently at diagnosis, the study said, with 59.4 per cent of patients having a deficiency.
It is essential to share that dietary zinc deficiency is a global public health problem, affecting 17% of the world's population with the greatest burden in low and middle-income countries.
Blood samples collected from all cases and control groups, estimated for zinc deficiency. The sample size was taken for conveniences.
(7) Zinc deficiency in infants and children can be caused by inadequate intake and availability, malabsorption, increased zinc loss from the body as in diarrhea.
ISLAMABAD -- A new study demonstrates a link between zinc deficiency and high blood pressure.
What signs should I look for if I think I have a zinc deficiency?
While a link between zinc deficiency and esophageal cancer had already been noted in previous studies, the mechanism underlying the mineral's apparent anticancer effects was previously unknown.
Overall prevalence of zinc deficiency was noted in 13(28.9%) patients.