zinc sulphide

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Noun1.zinc sulphide - a yellow to white crystalline fluorescent compound that occurs naturally as sphalerite or wurtzite and is used as a luminous pigment
sulfide, sulphide - a compound of sulphur and some other element that is more electropositive
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In this study, an environmentally benign colloidal method was used to prepare alanine and aspartic acid-capped copper sulphide and zinc sulphide nanoparticles, with thioacetamide (TAA) as the sulphur source.
2002.Collectorless flotation of lead and zinc sulphide from Derekoy Ore Deposit.
Simon Milroy, the Managing Director of KGL Resources, commented: "We are delighted with the discovery of visible copper, lead and zinc sulphide below the existing inferred resource at Marshall, that supports the potential scale of the Jervois project.
Lam et al., "Photoluminescence and electroluminescence from copper doped zinc sulphide nanocrystals/polymer composite," Applied Physics Letters, vol.
Now environment campaigners fear a major disaster as the submerged ship begins to rot, releasing deadly zinc sulphide into the sea.
EL involves passing a low voltage current though zinc sulphide crystals, making them glow.
"Zinc metal is most commonly extracted from zinc sulphide mineral (sphalerite) concentrates that are produced at various mines by flotation," Leroux explains.
The ores from the two mines would be blended to reduce selenium content in Wolverine ore, and crushing and processing would take place in a 4,250 t/d mill facility, producing copper, lead, and zinc sulphide concentrates, The average annual production is estimated at 109,000 t/y of zinc, 12,000 t/y of copper, 15,000 t/y of lead, 54,000 oz/y of gold and 8 Moz/y of silver.
These materials, such as zinc sulphide doped with copper, are brighter and use less power.
These include high refractive index (HRI, using zinc sulphide), copper, chrome alloy, dry gold colour finish, colour shift and other processes for the security and packaging markets.