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A red to yellow-orange zinc ore, ZnO.


(Minerals) a red or yellow mineral consisting of zinc oxide in hexagonal crystalline form. It occurs in metamorphosed limestone. Formula: ZnO


(ˈzɪŋ kaɪt)

a brittle, deep red to orange-yellow mineral, zinc oxide, ZnO, having a crystalline or granular form: formerly an important ore of zinc.
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In the original sample major peaks of zincite (ZnO), franklinite (ZnFe2O4) and magnetite (Fe3O4) were identified in which ZnO has four distinct peaks with 2th angle of 31.
Different phases identified by XRD analysis are zincite, franklinite and magnetite with zincite being dominant.
Fe) S, and to a lesser extent smithsonite (ZnO3), willemite (Zn2SiO4), and zincite (ZnO) (Reimann and deCaritat, 1998).
They concluded that the better protective properties were due to the formation of a zincite layer under the duplex system.
It is composed mainly of galena (PbS), amorphous carbon, zincite (ZnO), sassolite ([H.
John Bradshaw, Coast-to-Coast Rare Stones International, Nashua, New Hampshire, USA, for 21 bags containing part-cut crystals of: apatite (Canada and Mexico), cassiterite (Namibia), celestine (Kansas, USA), cerrusite (Namibia), crocoite (Tasmania, Australia), diaspore (Turkey), oligoclase (Kenya), pollucite (Conneticut, USA), scheelite (Pakistan and Arizona, USA), smithsonite (Namibia), sphalerite (Spain), tourmaline (Maine, USA, and Afghanistan), tugtupite (Greenland), willemite/leucophoenicite (New Jersey, USA) and zincite on calcite (New Jersey); and also for 95 faceted mixed-shape tourmalines, mostly pink, green and blue.
Similar to zincite, titania and ceria nanoparticles are known to cause the formation of reactive oxygen species when irradiated with UV light.
At present, ZnO is obtained from zincite, a nature derived mineral.
033) (intensity-based) (nm [+ or -] SD) Phase and structure 100% zincite Shape/morphology Spheroid Surface area ([m.
D, "Study of the Anlicorrosive Efficiency of Zincite and Periclase-Based Core-Shell Pigments in Organic Coatings.
In addition, zincite also can function as an "accelerator," or cross-linker for a rubber-based adhesive.
Curious, he subsequently visited the American Museum of Natural History and saw his first Franklin mineral, a "huge, perfect franklinite crystal perched on white calcite with a wide band of rich, deep-red zincite across the front.