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also zinck·en·ite  (zĭng′kə-nīt′)
A dark gray mineral, Pb6Sb14S27.

[German Zinkenit, after J.K.L. Zinken (1790-1862), German mineralogist.]


(ˈzɪŋkəˌnaɪt) or


(Minerals) a steel-grey metallic mineral consisting of a sulphide of lead and antimony. Formula: Pb6Sb14S27
[C19: named after J. K. L. Zincken (1790–1862), German mineralogist]
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Noun1.zinkenite - a steel grey metallic mineral (a sulphide of lead and antimony)zinkenite - a steel grey metallic mineral (a sulphide of lead and antimony)
mineral - solid homogeneous inorganic substances occurring in nature having a definite chemical composition
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and the other with antimony, lead and sulfur in zinkenite up to 0.
With a wry smile on her face, she taunts the reader, challenging him to "try and pierce my zinkenite vagina.
Mathias had set out a few "new" finds, and was especially proud of a specimen of andorite with associated zinkenite and stannite from the San Jose mine, Oruro, Bolivia.
Zinkenite has been reported from Llallagua by Petrov et al.
The same discovery produced about 30 specimens showing the very rare potosiite (a Pb-Sb-Fe-Sn sulfide) as lathlike, metallic gray crystals to 1 cm, some twinned to make fanlike forms, on drusy franckeite, with zinkenite and arsenopyrite; Kosnar and Lavinsky had potosiite-bearing specimens of this description to 9 cm across.
Zinkenite occurred as microscopic, long, slender, hexagonal prisms in cavities at the Ramona mine, associated with krennerite (Eckel, 1997).
In these cavities many other sulfosalts have been found: guettardite, robinsonite, zinkenite, boulangerite, semseyite, jordanite, tetrahedrite, sulvanite, colusite, famatinite and kesterite.
It was a varied display of exceptional specimens and historical literature from some of Germany's classic deposits: manganite from Ilfeld, linnaeite from Littfeld, a huge galena and siderite specimen from Neudorf, rare zinkenite from Wolfsberg, even the type locality mineral samsonite from the Samson mine.
Associated minerals are: scainiite, zinkenite, boulangerite, robinsonite, tintinaite, sorbyite and other incompletely characterized minerals, Other associated minerals are: sphalerite, cinnabar, galena, andorite, bournonite, tetrahedrite, chalcostibite, gersdorffite, barite, cerussite and stibiconite.