zip up

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: up - close with a zipperzip up - close with a zipper; "Zip up your jacket--it's cold"
fasten, fix, secure - cause to be firmly attached; "fasten the lock onto the door"; "she fixed her gaze on the man"
unzip - open the zipper of; "unzip the bag"
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w>zip up

vt sep to zip up a dressden Reißverschluss eines Kleides zumachen; will you zip me up please?kannst du mir bitte den Reißverschluss zumachen?; to zip up a fileeine Datei zippen
vi it zips upes hat einen Reißverschluss; it zips up at the backder Reißverschluss ist hinten
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What else can you do but zip up your best hoodie and loaf around down the shops with your mates?