v. affix a zip code to (an address or a letter).
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Geographical data pertaining to EITC distributions in the Nashville MSA for 2003 (the most recent year for which zip-code level data was available) considered EITC dollar amounts and the density of EITC returns compared to all tax returns relative to the income level of the zip-code area.
We used a time-series approach at the ZIP-code level to avoid confounding by intrinsic differences between sprayed and nonsprayed ZIP codes (e.
The natural log of ZIP-code population size was included as a variable with coefficient of 1 (offset).
The census-tract target zone (Figure 4A) includes 94% (491 of 524) of these case children, whereas the zip-code target zone (Figure 4B) includes 97% (509 of 524).
In addition, the childhood immunization program staff in Jefferson County noted that residential mobility among impoverished families was confined to specific geographic areas captured by the zip-code target zone.