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1. A brief sharp hissing sound.
2. Energy; vim: I just don't have any zip today.
3. A zipper.
4. Slang Nothing; nil; zero: He knows zip about the restaurant business.
v. zipped, zip·ping, zips
a. To move with a sharp hissing sound.
b. To move or act with a speed that suggests such a sound: The cars zipped by endlessly.
2. To act or proceed swiftly and energetically: zipped through her homework.
3. To become fastened or unfastened by a zipper: The dress zips up the back.
1. To cause to move with speed and force: zipped the ball to a teammate.
2. To fasten or unfasten with a zipper: zipped up his jacket.



adjmit Reißverschluss, Reißverschluss-; filegezippt
References in classic literature ?
At first their bullets zipped harmlessly along the surface of the water on either side the boat; but, as the men continued to pull lustily, they struck closer and closer.
Black zipped gloves, pounds 25, Marks & Spencer, 4.
This background is evident in Zipped, with frequent allusions to literary works that typical high school students would recognize, with a challenging plot and theme, and with well-developed characters who are articulate and thoughtful.
What you get: Midlayer fleece; full-zip front; cord adjustment; zipped pockets.
In addition to the usual archiving components, Zip-It contains a host of extras, including plug-ins for Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers, which allow you to view and extract zipped files while surfing the Net.
We investigated partial exposures created by zipped commercials.