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1. A brief sharp hissing sound.
2. Energy; vim: I just don't have any zip today.
3. A zipper.
4. Slang Nothing; nil; zero: He knows zip about the restaurant business.
v. zipped, zip·ping, zips
a. To move with a sharp hissing sound.
b. To move or act with a speed that suggests such a sound: The cars zipped by endlessly.
2. To act or proceed swiftly and energetically: zipped through her homework.
3. To become fastened or unfastened by a zipper: The dress zips up the back.
1. To cause to move with speed and force: zipped the ball to a teammate.
2. To fasten or unfasten with a zipper: zipped up his jacket.

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n (Comput, of file) → Zippen nt, → Packen nt
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But at the first heave we heard a bullet zip- zipping past us on the water, followed by the faint report of a rifle.
With over 8,500 feet of zipping along the shores of Lake Lanier, this is absolutely the most scenic zip line tour in North Georgia.
We also offer full moon zipping which is zipping by the light of the moon on the Pine Isle Tour," adds the spokesperson.
All this is done on the fly, which means the zipping (compressing) and unzipping (uncompressing) are done automatically and behind the scenes.
Today, zipping (fast forwarding), zapping (channel switching), and muting of commercials cause additional partial exposure.