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Pasta in medium-sized, often ridged tubes.

[Italian, alteration of zite, pl. of zita, maiden, fiancée, young bride (in reference to maccheroni della zita, ziti (literally, "macaroni of the bride"), traditionally served at southern Italian wedding banquets), perhaps of baby-talk origin or akin to Old Italian zizza, woman's breast.]


(Cookery) cookery a type of medium-sized tube-shaped pasta


(ˈzi ti)

(used with a sing. or pl. v.) a tubular pasta in short pieces, often baked in a tomato sauce.
[1925–30; < Italian zite, ziti, pl. of zita, zito, said to be ellipsis from maccheroni di zita literally, bride's macaroni, from the serving of such pasta at wedding feasts]
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Noun1.ziti - medium-sized tubular pasta in short piecesziti - medium-sized tubular pasta in short pieces
alimentary paste, pasta - shaped and dried dough made from flour and water and sometimes egg
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Il remplace Ziti qui a prefere retourner chez lui a Setif.
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As part of their new Kids Meals line, Amy's Kitchen has made a Baked Ziti meal that is sure to please picky palettes.
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Or maybe a bowl of ziti al forno - baked ziti with little meatballs for those of youse lost in translation.
EDEN FOODS AND THE EDEN ORGANIC PASTA COMPANY have added five varieties to the Eden Organic Pastas line: Spelt Ribbons, Eden's first whole grain ribbon pasta; Spelt Ziti Rigati; Parsley Garlic Ziti Rigati; Small Vegetable Shells; and Artichoke Ribbons.
Eden Organic Spelt Ribbons, Organic Spelt Ziti Rigati.
Most of the dishes in the recipe book feature in the show - from Artie's grandly entitled Quail Sinatra-style to the only dish Tony's mother Livia could make, Baked Ziti.
BAKED ZITI CASSEROLE (make ahead and bake at party) LEVEL 3
Of 46 attendees who ate baked ziti, 36(78%) became ill, compared with 20 (42%) of 48 that did not eat baked ziti (RR=2.
At a revealing moment in Voodoo Dreams, the character Ziti tells Laveau that it is unfair for Marie to be light-skinned and possessed of straight hair and fine features.