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 (tsē-tsēt′, tsĭt′sĭs)
pl.n. Judaism
Variant of tzitzit.


(ˈtsɪtsɪs; tsiːˈtsiːt)
(Judaism) (functioning as singular or plural) Judaism a variant spelling of tsitsith



(ˈtsɪt sɪs, tsiˈtsit)

n.pl. Judaism.
the fringes or tassels formerly worn on the outer garment and now worn at the four corners of the tallith.
[1670–80; < Hebrew ṣīṣīth]
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The costumes seemed like simple variations on several twentieth-century fashions (long Thirties-style evening dresses for Portia and Nerissa, with a hint of punk chain mail, and frock coats over baggy, pegged pants for the men), with some Renaissance showiness in Bassanio's get-up for his first visit to Belmont, and a discreet, state-mandated black Star of David on the breast-pocket for Shylock, as well as the barely visible zizith of the tallith beneath his coat.
ZIZIa and ZIZIth are in Webster's Unabridged as well as the lovely word peZIZIform--botanically 'cupshaped'.
In the instance of this tractate, the translator/editor of the Soncino edition of Menahot suggests that pages 28a-45b "might well be regarded as a separate tractate discussing the seven-branched candlestick of the Temple, the mezuzah [doorpost], the tefillin [phylacteries], and th e zizith [fringes].
But the Russian market of prayer shawls and zizith (fringes which observing Jews wear around their waists [Deut.
LM lanolin / manomin LP lolled / popped LS longfelt / songfest LV sally / savvy LY Lolo / Yo-yo LN foldless / fondness LR colonel / coroner LT libel / Tibet LW palpal / pawpaw LZ Lilith / zizith