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n. pl. zloty or zlo·tys
See Table at currency.

[Polish zl̷oty, golden, zloty, from zl̷oto, gold; see ghel- in Indo-European roots.]


n, pl złotys or złoty
(Currencies) the standard monetary unit of Poland, divided into 100 groszy
[from Polish: golden, from zlyoto gold; related to Russian zoloto gold]


(ˈzlɔ ti)

n., pl. -tys, (collectively) -ty.
the basic monetary unit of Poland.
[1915–20; < Polish złoty literally, of gold, golden, adj. derivative of złoto gold]
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Noun1.zloty - the basic unit of money in Polandzloty - the basic unit of money in Poland  
Polish monetary unit - monetary unit in Poland
grosz - 100 groszy equal 1 zloty in Poland


[ˈzlɔːtɪ] N (zlotys or zloty (pl)) → zloty m


n pl <zlotys or zloty> → Zloty m
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Promises made by Bronislaw Komorowski during the election campaign and their estimated cost if fulfilled: no increases in retirement age and no changes in pension obligations to farmers (10 billion zloties); no changes in annual cost-of-living pension increases (6.2 billion zloties); pension increases for teachers (15 billion zloties); building a Vistula dam to prevent flooding (1.3 billion zloties); free access to the internet for all, 50 percent discount on railway tickets for students, free access to RTV television channel, subsidies for in-vitro fertilization (1.14 billion zloties).