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A mechanical device consisting of a rotating drum ringed with narrow apertures through which an animated image is viewed.

[Greek zōē, life + -tropos, turning; see -tropous.]
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(Games, other than specified) a cylinder-shaped toy with a sequence of pictures on its inner surface which, when viewed through the vertical slits spaced regularly around it while the toy is rotated, produce an illusion of animation
[C19: Greek zoe life + trope turn]
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At every half mile the horses and the donkeys jumped the water-channels--up, on, change your leg, and off again like figures in a zoetrope, till they grew small along the line of waterwheels.
While one end of the exhibition privileges interfaces that recall contemporary personal devices such as laptop monitors and gaming devices, the other end emphasizes moving-image technologies such as the zoetrope and flip book that isolate the viewer no less.
Mat Collishaw's extraordinary 3D zoetrope, a sort of spinning optical illusion featuring butterflies, birds and vicious little pink figures, does the trick.
The installations Horizonte de acontecimentos (Event Horizon), 2007-2008, and Projector de solidos (O sonho de uma pedra) (Solids Projector [Dream of a Rock]), 2008, anchored in pre-cinematographic optical devices like the camera obscura and the zoetrope, manipulate retinal perception.
The mural, starting with a Victorian zoetrope machine and ending with an Andy Warhol-inspired portrait of Marilyn Monroe, decorated the new Club Cinema.
This movie had a Polish director and was released by American Zoetrope and Warner Brothers in 1993.
Other installations use equally complementary objects, while the old recordings that sit in the middle of each zoetrope have titles like "Moods for Lovers," and "I Wish I Had a Girl."
Coppola's American Zoetrope is still producing, with financing from Pathe.
Wang and first-time screenwriter Michael Ray, who is editor of Francis Ford Coppola's literary quarterly Zoetrope: All-Story, seem primarily concerned with aspects of being a modern, post-Tiananmen Square Chinese youth.
After Warner Bros., he also headed up the advertising and publicity departments at Zoetrope and Orion Studios.
Meeting during production of Coppola's 1969 "The Rain People," the duo and other young notables founded American Zoetrope that year in San Francisco, hoping to use Hollywood coin to make similar intimate, adventuresome films.
Also screening at Cannes in the Directors Fortnight was "Princess," a $1.5 million ultra-violent slice of 2-D animation co-written/helmed by Denmark's Anders Morgenthaler and produced by Lars yon Trier's Zoetrope outfit.