zona pellucida

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zo·na pel·lu·ci·da

 (zō′nə pə-lo͞o′sĭ-də, pĕl-yo͞o′-)
A thick transparent extracellular coat that surrounds the mammalian ovum and is composed of glycoproteins. Spermatozoa bind to the zona pellucida during fertilization.

[New Latin zōna pellūcida : Latin zōna, belt, girdle + Latin pellūcida, feminine of pellūcidus, transparent.]

zo•na pel•lu•ci•da

(ˈzoʊ nə pəˈlu sɪ də, pɛlˈyu-)

n., pl. zo•nae pel•lu•ci•dae (ˈzoʊ ni pəˈlu sɪˌdi, pɛlˈyu-)
a transparent jellylike substance surrounding the ovum of mammals.
Also called zo′na.
[1835–45; < New Latin; see zone, pellucid]
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Noun1.zona pellucida - thick membrane around the mammalian ovum; can be penetrated by one sperm in the fertilization process; usually remains around the fertilized egg until it is implanted in the wall of the uterus
zona, zone - (anatomy) any encircling or beltlike structure
zona pellucidazone pellucide
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sup][2] The zona pellucida (ZP) glycoprotein matrix consists primarily of three glycoproteins, ZP1, ZP2, and ZP3 that dictate the strong antigenic potency.
It has been reported that in vitro, sperm with single stranded or denatured DNA bind less or do not bind at all to the Zona Pellucida (ZP) (18) In pigs, spermatozoa with stable chromatin are more likely both to bind to the oviduct and to traverse the reproductive tract in vivo (41), ultimately reaching the oocytes and penetrating the zona pellucida.
Direct injection of zona pellucida antigens into the body is not feasible for controlling the overpopulation of widely distributed pest animals (26).
A universal characteristic of OGPs is their association with the zona pellucida and perivitelline space of oocytes and embryos, with the possible exception of the mouse zona pellucida.
Jovine's team is using this structure as a starting point to build a 3-D model of the zona pellucida, to see how proteins are assembled in this egg-enveloping membrane.
The sperm must then penetrate the tough zona pellucida (the extracellular "shell" surrounding the egg) (Figure 3).
Mammalian fertilization: the egg's multifunctional zona pellucida.
ESTs representing vitelline envelope zona pellucida domain 2 (Ha-VEZPD2; 63 ESTs, 10.
Consequently, some spaces were observed between the zona pellucida and trophoblastic cells.
On Catalina, scientists plan to administer the so-called porcine zona pellucida vaccine annually to female bison over the age of 2.