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1. Arrangement or formation in zones; zonate structure.
2. Ecology The distribution of organisms in biogeographic zones.


arrangement in zones; zonate formation


(zoʊˈneɪ ʃən)

1. the state or condition of being zonate.
2. arrangement or distribution in zones.
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A second structure defined by holes T17010 and T17018 to T17022 is dominated by extremely high zinc sulphide mineralization, grading up to 48% zinc and suggests a metal zonation in the mineralization.
Conodonts across the Devonian/Carboniferous boundary: a review and implication for the redefinition of the boundary and a proposal for an updated conodont zonation.
Zonation of the research site: Zonation of the study area (Figure 1) was developed on the basis of forest density.
Subsequemment, le nouveau modele presente ainsi 4 directions principales des vents et une zonation climatique conforme a la position du soleil dans ces orbites inter tropicales autour de la terre.
Seismic Hazard Analysis and Zonation for the northern Areas of Pakistan and Kashmir, (Pakistan Meteorological Department-Norwegian Seismic Array).
colony diameter, colony colour/pigmentation, appearance, growth rate, shape, margin and zonation were recorded after a week of incubation and sporulation was recorded at 15 days of incubation.
It includes topographic survey and geotechnical studies for land-sliding zonation of Murree hills area mainly located between old Rawalpindi-Murree Road and Islamabad-Murree Expressway in Murree, Rawalpindi.
6C-F), typically display internal zonation with an inner dark zone, which has relatively low optical relief and a commonly triangular shape, and an outer bright zone, in optical continuity, which has a smooth appearance, higher optical relief than the inner zone and commonly sub-euhedral external crystalline boundaries (Fig.
However these researchers have refined the Pilgrim's Upper Siwalik subdivisions through magnetic polarity zonation.
Using the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant disaster in Ukraine as a case study, this volume describes the assessment of groundwater vulnerability and an improved methodology based on integration of the methods of hydrogeological zonation and modeling of anomalously fast migration of radioactive contaminants from the land surface toward groundwater, to aid in evaluating groundwater vulnerability and conducting risk assessments for groundwater contamination from diverse sources, as well as selecting optimal remediation methods for reducing threats from residual radioactivity.
until present time (Mohamad Tarmizi, 2014), the pollens of Stemonurus and Gonostylus are observed present indicating that vegetational successive zonation of phasic community II has developed and may have been reached, but without the appearance of the Shorea type pollen (however, the large, Shorea type trees have been observed present in the field near to locations KS.
The Harena mineralization displays a consistent metal zonation pattern, with a sphalerite and pyrite, zinc-rich upper zone and a chalcopyrite and pyrite, copper-rich basal zone.