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1. Arrangement or formation in zones; zonate structure.
2. Ecology The distribution of organisms in biogeographic zones.
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arrangement in zones; zonate formation
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(zoʊˈneɪ ʃən)

1. the state or condition of being zonate.
2. arrangement or distribution in zones.
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Such systems commonly display well documented, predictable vertical zonation patterns related to temperature and pressure zonation.
Neither has there been a legal move to review forest zonation and establish a core conservation zone "surrounded by a multiple-user buffer zone of not more than 500 metres and all forest plantations inside the core conservation zone be converted back to indigenous forests".If this had happened, the phasing out of the Plantation Establishment and Livelihood Improvement Scheme (PELIS) should have started too.
In addition to an extent, blue carbon ecosystem zonation, species composition, and above-ground biomass were mapped using methodologies developed by the program.
"The copper gold zonation presents us with a predictable geological framework, and we are optimistic about the discovery of both gold and copper ore bodies at Cisne Loja," said Jason Ward, exploration & country manager.
In contrast to traditional MNI and MNE estimates, we calculate zonation MNI and MNE wherein the most common zone is identified per element.
The Center has prepared hazard zonation maps for GLOF in downstream region in three sub basins of Punatsangchhu, Mangdechhu and Chamkharchhu to study the impact of flood, if it occurs.
(L) Shallow marine hydrothermal vent--diffuse venting and gas bubbling; (4) (R) Deep-sea hydrothermal vent-chimney wall of a black smoker with a zonation of metal sulfide minerals.
Initially purified fungal pathogen was identified on the basis of morphological and cultural characters (colony color, size, zonation, presence of exudates and sclerotia etc).
He said the Botswana Geoscience Institute, funds permitting, would carry out seismic micro zonation to determine risks associated with earth quakes.
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