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Noun1.zoning board - a board of officials who divide an area into zones that are subject to different restrictionszoning board - a board of officials who divide an area into zones that are subject to different restrictions
board - a committee having supervisory powers; "the board has seven members"
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Vernon Hills is looking for a person to fill a vacancy on the village's zoning board of appeals.
Lopez also reported that the City Legal Office recognizes the Local Zoning Board for the reclassification.
Where the Brookline zoning board granted a special permit to allow the owner of a house to add a dormer that would increase the home's preexisting nonconforming floor area ratio, that decision should be upheld based on the board's finding that increasing the preexisting nonconforming nature of the structure would not be substantially more detrimental to the neighborhood than the preexisting nonconforming use, as G.L.c.
The Zoning Board of Appeals, however, granted Cape Cod Aggregates a six month extension to complete excavation work at the site located at 665 Scenic Highway.
A local zoning board's grant of a dimensional variance has been vacated after a Superior Court judge determined that the landowners' application to the board mischaracterized the dimensional relief being sought.
According to 27 East, DeNiro, who originally sought approval to demolish the house two decades ago, filed a new application at the East Hampton Town Zoning Board of Appeals.
CHARLTON -- The Zoning Board of Appeals has rejected a citizens petition and upheld a zoning ruling that a motocross park is permitted use for land zoned agricultural.
tower for 50-kW WPHT-AM and the 21 acres it sits on, asked the Moorestown, NJ Zoning Board of Adjustment to approve the 199-ft aux tower for WPHT.
The Rutherford Zoning Board of Adjustment last week turned down the variance requested.
Part of his problem with the local zoning board was that his proposed winery is in a residential area of the city.
A zoning board hearing on a controversial plan to add a third story to a River Road building that juts out into the Hudson River has been rescheduled for March.
Hamilton County commissioners said Monday they would oppose an underground limestone mine approved last month by the Anderson Township zoning board.