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a.1.Of or pertaining to a zone; zone-shaped.
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It is not a part of the coats of eyeball and is suspended in the path of light by the zonular ligaments.
Radial tear may in turn lead to a series of complications such as the zonular rupture, posterior capsule tear, and vitreous presentation, insufficient capsular support for the IOL implantation or even nucleus drop during phacoemulsification.
Patients unsuitable for this type of IOL include eyes requiring complicated cataract surgery, excessive zonular weakness, chronic uveitis, active rubeosis iridis, and central corneal opacities.
Intraoperative use of a capsule tension ring reduces the risk of zonular rupture but is no guarantee against intraocular lens dislocation in the long term.
Zonular and lenticular pigmentation on posterior lens surface are also common findings in PDS patients after mydriasis.
PC rent with or without vitreous loss and zonular dialysis are largely associated with borderline outcome.
ACIOL implantation was performed in one (2%) patient where there was no posterior support because of zonular dehiscence.
Punctate and flakelike lesions and iridescent crystals appear in the anterior cortex, or, less frequently, a zonular type of cataract may appear.
Thirty three eyes with subluxated lenses having zonular weakness less than 180 degrees were implanted modified CTR and IOL implant after lens matter aspiration.
A nivel oftalmologico se ha observado la presencia de cataratas zonular bilateral y posterior desarrollo de estrabismo, por lo que su valoracion es necesaria ante posible ambliopia.
Rothmund-Thomson sendromunda ise poikiloderma (telenjektazi, skarlasma, irreguler pigmentasyon ve depigmentasyon, atrofi), hiperkeratotik lezyonlar, bul olusumu, fotosensitivite, juvenil zonular katarakt ve nadiren rastlanan korneal distrofi gibi bulgular gozlemlenmektedir.