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The biological study of the geographic distribution of animals, especially the causes and effects of such distribution.

zo′o·ge·og′ra·pher n.
zo′o·ge′o·graph′ic (-ə-grăf′ĭk), zo′o·ge′o·graph′i·cal (-ĭ-kəl) adj.
zo′o·ge′o·graph′i·cal·ly adv.
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(Zoology) the branch of zoology concerned with the geographical distribution of animals
ˌzoogeˈographer n
zoogeographic, ˌzooˌgeoˈgraphical adj
ˌzooˌgeoˈgraphically adv
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(ˌzoʊ ə dʒiˈɒg rə fi)

the scientific study of the distribution of animals around the world and their interactions with their environment.
zo`o•ge•og′ra•pher, n.
zo`o•ge`o•graph′ic (-əˈgræf ɪk) zo`o•ge`o•graph′i•cal, adj.
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1. the study of the geographical distribution of animals.
2. the study of the causes, effects, and other relations involved in such distributions. — zoogeographer, n.
See also: Zoology
the distribution of animal life by geographical location. — zoogeographer, n. — zoogeographic, zoogeographical, adj.
See also: Animals
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