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also zo·o·gle·a  (zō′ə-glē′ə)
n. pl. zo·o·gloe·ae (-glē′ē′) or zo·o·gloe·as also zo·o·gle·ae (-glē′ē′) or zo·o·gle·as
1. Any of various highly motile, aerobic bacteria of the genus Zoogloea found especially in wastewater, where the cells aggregate into flocculent, gelatinous masses.
2. A mass of such bacteria or other bacteria.

[zoo- + New Latin gloea, gum (from Medieval Greek gloia, glia, gum, glue, from Greek gloios).]

zo′o·gloe′al adj.


(Microbiology) a mass of bacteria adhering together by a jelly-like substance derived from their cell walls
[C19: zoo- + New Latin gloea glue, from Greek gloia]
ˌzooˈgloeal, ˌzooˈgloeic adj