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One who takes care of animals in a zoo.


1. (Professions) a person who cares for animals in a zoo
2. (Zoology) a person who cares for animals in a zoo


(ˈzuˌki pər)

a person who feeds and tends animals in a zoo.


[ˈzuːkiːpəʳ] Nguarda mf de jardín zoológico, guarda mf de parque zoológico
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Identifying the elephant as 37-year-old Chien Hui, Taipei Zoo spokesman Eric Tsao said Monday that elephants are intelligent and sensitive creatures, and Chien Hui is quite familiar with human voices because it often interacts with zookeepers.
Zoo spokeswoman Susan Altrui said zookeepers found Trudy dead when they checked on her Wednesday morning.
In addition to its 100+ rides and attractions, Drayton Manor Park will also be hosting daily activities, including interactive zoo tours, trails and workshops for budding vets and zookeepers.
ISLAMABAD -- Islamabad Zoo formerly called Marghazar Zoo was running under incompetent curator and zookeepers whereas the zoo was sprawling over 82-acre land in the federal capital territory under the administrator control of Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI).
DUBAI: Two zookeepers were attacked by a jaguar that escaped from its enclosure after a cage door was accidentally left open at a UAE zoo, national daily Gulf News reported.
Two zookeepers at Al Ain Zoo were seriously injured after a jaguar attacked them.
One of the zookeepers managed to escape quickly, while the second was rescued by the other zookeepers.
Among the zookeepers' fraternity, Piraditta, who has been in the profession for over two decades, holds special regard as one of the most experienced wardens.
Zookeepers use scales and rulers to take animals' weights and heights.
The weigh-in is an opportunity for zookeepers to make sure the information they have recorded is up-to-date.
Zookeepers at Chester Zoo have revealed the name of a rare baby rhino born last month.
The zookeepers aimed to take precautionary measures to adequately protect the birds from the increasingly cold weather.