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Worship of animals.

zo·ol′a·ter n.
zo·ol′a·trous adj.
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1. (Alternative Belief Systems) (esp in ancient or primitive religions) the worship of animals as the incarnations of certain deities, symbols of particular qualities or natural forces, etc
2. (Zoology) extreme or excessive devotion to animals, particularly domestic pets
zoˈolater n
zoˈolatrous adj
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(zoʊˈɒl ə tri)

the worship of or excessive attention to animals.
zo•ol′a•ter, n.
zo•ol′a•trous, adj.
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the worship of animal gods. Cf. theriomorphism. Also called zootheism. — zoolater, n.
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Noun1.zoolatry - the worship of animalszoolatry - the worship of animals    
worship - the activity of worshipping
fish-worship, ichthyolatry - the worship of fish
ophiolatry, serpent-worship - the worship of snakes
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Disposition: (a) mood (b) awkward (c) hatred (d) zoolatry 3.
Daryca zoo Education Supervisor GE[micro]kmen Aydyn stated that the event aims to impose zoolatry to the children.
Esoteric: (a) designed for or understood only by few (b) informal (c) legislative (d) zoolatry 8.