zoom along

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Verb1.zoom along - move along very quicklyzoom along - move along very quickly    
hurry, travel rapidly, zip, speed - move very fast; "The runner zipped past us at breakneck speed"
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While the Chinese firm has erected some bumps on the diversions they have created, their truck drivers zoom along these at full speed, dumping red soil and other construction material, making the road dangerous for other road users.
Beagle Brigade Airfield will zoom along an oval course swinging through sharp banked turns, bringing smiles to children and parents alike.
Grab your helmets and get ready to zoom along with a colorful variety of bicycles, tricycles, racers, and cruisers in this delightful, high-energy tribute to all things pedal-driven.
This camera comes with a whopping 125x optical zoom along with Nikon's Vibration Reduction technology built into the lens.
Make sure you zoom along to the Erskine Motorbike Meet 2018.
The 0-62mph sprint is achieved in 11.9 seconds and where permitted this little powerhouse can zoom along to 111mph.
Norman's acceptance of his wings allows others with the same "problem" to embrace their differences and zoom along with him.
The 0-62mph sprint is achieved in 11.9 seconds and, where permitted, this little powerhouse can zoom along at 111mph.
Little pods with passengers would zoom along the tubes.
There's so much to do, you can hire rollerskates or bikes and zoom along the beach, there are outdoor gyms with volleyball courts and play parks and there's the world famous pier, which has rides and amusements.
Best of all, there's a zip wire so you can zoom along the side of the frame like Tarzan, too!
The car is expected to zoom along the Muttrah Corniche at speeds of up to 250kph, and will be performing donuts, burnouts and speed stretches for thousands of fans throughout the day.