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1. Feeding, living, or growing primarily on nonhuman animals: zoophilic fungi.
2. Of, relating to, or affected with zoophilia.
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Sand flies from the Sergentomyia genus are generally zoophilic and therefore discounted as vectors of medically consequential Leishmania spp.
2,3] Members of these genera can be divided into three groups according to their natural reservoir and potential for infection: anthropophilic, zoophilic and geophilic organisms.
They are classified by where they are found--anthropophilic (humans), geophilic (soil), or zoophilic (animals).
darlingi populations can modify their endophilic behavior for exophilic and anthropophilic (85,86) to zoophilic, possibly caused by excito-repellency of these insecticides used in household spraying (87).
3) Nonetheless, the incidence of other antropophillic and zoophilic dermatophytes, Trichophyton tonsurans mainly in the UK, T.
Animals serve as reservoirs of zoophilic dermatophytes.
guianense has wide geographical distribution and some populations are zoophilic whereas others are anthropophilic, it is suspected that the species is a complex of 2 or more sibling species (i.
Anopheles annularis is primarily considered as a zoophilic mosquito, however, its host preference and incrimination data in many parts of India are still scanty and only a few systematic studies have been carried out previously (2,9).
reported that zoophilic dermatophytes were responsible for 80% of cases of tinea capitis in Adana.
A voluminous body of research has reported that the therapeutic concentration of ivermectin in the blood/tissue of domestic animals can be lethal to zoophilic Anopheles mosquito species, when they ingest blood meal from treated animals.
arabiensis is zoophilic, readily feeding on cattle or humans and is both endo- and exophagic.