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An abnormal fear of animals.

zo′o·phobe′ (-fōb′) n.
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(Psychology) a person with a morbid fear of animals
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And so, as the evidence for evolution by natural selection surpasses any point of reasonable dispute, we find the zoophobes giving ground around the edges--admitting to "microevolution," of antibiotic resistance among bacteria, for example--yet denying the central fact of Darwinism: continuity among living things, notably ourselves and other animals.
Just so have the zoophobes begun to accept certain limited aspects of evolution by natural selection, while vigorously insisting, Brahe-like, that when it comes to the "big stuff"--the evolutionary continuity of human beings with other animals--we and they somehow occupy different solar systems.
Not surprisingly Charles Darwin said it best, in the final paragraph of Origin of Species, and I commend it to zoophobes everywhere: "There is grandeur in this view of life."