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The domestication, breeding, and improvement of animals; the technology of animal husbandry.

[zoo- + Greek tekhnē, art; see technical.]

zo′o·tech′ni·cal adj.
zo′o·tech·ni′cian (-nĭsh′ən) n.


(Breeds) of or relating to zootechny
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Address : The Russian Federation, 355017, Stavropol Territory, Stavropol g, zootechnical, 12
2014), there is limited knowledge about zootechnical aspects of the animal such as feeding behavior (Cabanellas-Reboredo et al.
Then economic analyses were performed, as follows: i) study of costs composition, and ii) study of the total cost elasticities according to the prices of inputs and zootechnical indicators.
NSA will share a detailed report from the forum, including the discussion on zootechnical regulations, to ensure affiliated societies not able to attend are kept informed.
It provided an opportunity to explore the event's setting: La Torre, a Zootechnical Agricultural Cooperative in Isola della Scala.
Influence of the phytogenic feed additive sangrovit on zootechnical effects in broilers in field trials.
equinum, other conventional antimycotic drugs have a narrow spectrum of effect and can cause severe side effects, furthermore these treatments can induce pharmacoresistance and their administration must be avoided in large animals in zootechnical production.
On industrial plants and agricultural and zootechnical centers a large scale implementation of not only recirculation, but methods of successive use of water, starting with the technological processes that are more demanding with regard to water quality and on to the technological processes that have less rigorous water quality limits.
Geers (Laboratory of Quality Care in Animal Production, Zootechnical Centre, Leuven, Belgium) introduces this product of a working group of a European scientific network called COST (Cooperation in Science and Technology).
7 Nature, Cesare Galli of the Consortium for Zootechnical Improvement in Cremona, Italy, and his colleagues claim victory by reporting Prometea's birth on May 28.
But in reporting the achievement at a meeting of the Japanese Society of Zootechnical Science, the scientists cautioned against being too optimistic about the outcome in view of the high possibility of the cows miscarrying.