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The domestication, breeding, and improvement of animals; the technology of animal husbandry.

[zoo- + Greek tekhnē, art; see technical.]

zo′o·tech′ni·cal adj.
zo′o·tech·ni′cian (-nĭsh′ən) n.
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(Breeds) of or relating to zootechny
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By type, the Middle East feed additives market is segmented into nutritional, technological, zootechnical and sensory feed additives.
A mathematical algorithm obtained the optimum weight mix based on the zootechnical, operational and economic information.
Pig slurry was used, coming from the zootechnical center of Campus II/UNOESTE, for the composition of the treatments, which are: T1 = Control sample--50% pig slurry and 50% water; T2 = 50% pig slurry and 50% water +Eichhornia crassipes (Mart.) Solms (Figure 1); T3 = 50% pig slurry and 50% water + Pistia stratiotes L.
The action of meteorological elements may interfere with animal behavior, physiological responses and production, attributed to the need for adaptation and transfer of energy from production to maintenance, causing impact on the zootechnical indices and economic losses, especially in the semi-arid region, where high temperatures impose greater challenge to the thermal balance of the animals.
Although this study was conducted at 1 institution, and its results reflect this zoo's management and zootechnical practices, its findings could well have implications for management practices involving other captive populations of Struthioniformes.
Meteorological elements, such as humidity and air temperature, when controlled, aid to stablish the thermal comfort in zootechnical and agricultural environments; in the case of the weather or the climate, they do not provide the conditions for the expression of the highest animal and vegetal productive potential.
The effect of feeding a basal diet containing SPI in-place of SBM as a protein source on zootechnical parameters of broiler chickens was evaluated and is presented in Table 4.
His primary research interests include the study of infectious diseases and zootechnical performance of dromedaries.
This technique was employed because data were extracted from software used for zootechnical control.