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The domestication, breeding, and improvement of animals; the technology of animal husbandry.

[zoo- + Greek tekhnē, art; see technical.]

zo′o·tech′ni·cal adj.
zo′o·tech·ni′cian (-nĭsh′ən) n.


(Breeds) of or relating to zootechny
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Heads of farms and specialists of zootechnical services of agricultural organizations are invited to participate in the event.
JALC and JMMS designed the study and carried out zootechnical work; JALC and CRJ ran the histological analyses, JALC, JMMS, and PES wrote the manuscript and made suggestions to improve it.
Rhamdia quelen (popularly known as jundia in Brazil) is a South American catfish with promising results in fish farming in Southern Brazil due to its encouraging zootechnical performance.
Effect of calcium hydroxide, carbonate and sodium bicarbonate on water quality and zootechnical performance of shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei reared in bio-flocs technology (BFT) systems.
Conversely, failure to attend to any of these items may compromise the zootechnical and economic viability of applying alternative food at an experimental or industrial level.
311) The plaintiffs were several meat importers operating in Italy that contended that the Italian law violated the free movement of goods principles espoused by Article 34 (ex 28, 30) and three Directives: 64/433/EEC, concerning health problems affecting intra-EU trade in fresh meat; 89/662/EEC, concerning issues related veterinary checks with the idea of completing the common market; and 90/425/EEC, concerning zootechnical checks applicable to intra-EU trade in certain live animals and products with the idea of completing the common market.
T-Student test was applied to analyze the difference between the values of the zootechnical parameters and condition factor in the groups NIF and NI ([alpha] = 0.
It was observed that the addition of glycerin at 7% in the diet of broilers promotes the occurrence of significant inflammatory infiltrates in the proventriculus, caecum and colon of such animals, macroscopically the addition of glycerin in the diet did not cause any significant difference, but these differences had no significant effect on zootechnical development of such animals.
The environment and the type of system in which the production takes place, trigger the violation of well-being, which reflects in the low zootechnical parameters due to rigorous weather such as the one in the tropics, especially the low tropics.
On the other hand, the agouti has a long gestation period, with rapid onset of a fertile postpartum estrus, and produces precocious young, indicating that is a promising species for zootechnical production.