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The domestication, breeding, and improvement of animals; the technology of animal husbandry.

[zoo- + Greek tekhnē, art; see technical.]

zo′o·tech′ni·cal adj.
zo′o·tech·ni′cian (-nĭsh′ən) n.


(Breeds) the science of breeding animals


the principles of animal husbandry. Also spelled zootechnics. — zootechnician, n. — zootechnical, adj.
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Expert evaluation included the areas of preparation such as Foodstuffs of animal origin, Technology of milk and dairy products, Gardening, Technology of production and processing of agricultural products, Agronomy, Agroengineering and Zootechny.
The meat samples analyzed in this study were originated from 40 non-emasculated sheep of the Santa Ines breed, kept in confinement for 70 days and utilized in development essay performed in the Zootechny Department of the Federal Rural University of Pernambuco (UFRPE), located in Recife--PE.
Twenty adult tambatinga specimens were obtained from two aquaculture environments, the Ademar Braga Fish Culture Station, at the National Department of Drought Prevention (DNOCS) in Piripiri, PI, and the aquaculture vivarium at the Department of Zootechny (DZO), Center of Agrarian Sciences (CCA), UFPI, Teresina, PI, Brazil.
(4) Department of Zootechny, Sao Paulo State University, Botucatu, SP 18618-970, Brazil
(13) Several antibiotics are banned for use in zootechny (for example vancomycin), (13) but are still used clandestinely and haphazardly.
As a relatively new occupation in the country, this profession was created 50 years ago in the first graduation course in Zootechny at the Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio Grande do Sul (PUC--RS) in Uruguaiana, Brazil, 1966 (COSTA & COSTA, 2016).
From the School of Veterinary Medicine and Zootechny, Federal University of Bahia (UFBA), Avenida Adhemar de Barros, n.
The experiment was carried out at the poultry farming module of the Center of Agricultural Sciences of the Zootechny Department of the Federal University of Paraiba, located in the municipality of Areia-PB, Brazil, in the microregion of 'Brejo Paraibano' (06[degrees] 57' 48" S; -35[degrees] 41' 30" W; 618 m).
Of the 12 sections of the exhibition, the Crown Domain ranged only from 7: agriculture, sericulture-hunting, horticulture-viticulture, zootechny, mining, quarrying and industry (Mitu, 2011: 325-330).
(a) Postgraduate Program in Veterinary Sciences, College of Agronomy, Veterinary Medicine and Zootechny, Federal University of Mato Grosso, 78060-900 Cuiaba, MT, Brazil