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 (zo͞o-kĕt′ō, tso͞ok-kĕt′tō)
n. pl. zuc·chet·tos or zuc·chet·ti (-tē)
A skullcap worn by certain Roman Catholic clerics, varying in color according to rank.

[Italian, variant of zucchetta, diminutive of zucca, gourd, head; see zucchini.]


(tsuːˈkɛtəʊ; suː-; zuː-)
n, pl -tos
(Roman Catholic Church) RC Church a small round skullcap worn by certain ecclesiastics and varying in colour according to the rank of the wearer, the Pope wearing white, cardinals red, bishops violet, and others black
[C19: from Italian, from zucca a gourd, head, from Late Latin cucutia gourd, probably from Latin cucurbita]


(zuˈkɛt oʊ, tsu-)

n., pl. -tos, -ti (-ti)
a small, round skullcap worn by Roman Catholic ecclesiastics.
[1850–55; < Italian, variant of zucchetta, diminutive of zucca gourd, head, perhaps < pre-Latin *tjukka gourd]
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