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 (zo͞o-kĕt′ō, tso͞ok-kĕt′tō)
n. pl. zuc·chet·tos or zuc·chet·ti (-tē)
A skullcap worn by certain Roman Catholic clerics, varying in color according to rank.

[Italian, variant of zucchetta, diminutive of zucca, gourd, head; see zucchini.]
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(tsuːˈkɛtəʊ; suː-; zuː-)
n, pl -tos
(Roman Catholic Church) RC Church a small round skullcap worn by certain ecclesiastics and varying in colour according to the rank of the wearer, the Pope wearing white, cardinals red, bishops violet, and others black
[C19: from Italian, from zucca a gourd, head, from Late Latin cucutia gourd, probably from Latin cucurbita]
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(zuˈkɛt oʊ, tsu-)

n., pl. -tos, -ti (-ti)
a small, round skullcap worn by Roman Catholic ecclesiastics.
[1850–55; < Italian, variant of zucchetta, diminutive of zucca gourd, head, perhaps < pre-Latin *tjukka gourd]
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13, he warned the pope that if he does not offer some tip of the papal zucchetto to Legatus and the Tim Busches of the world, he could expect to receive perhaps half as much money as the Vatican currently gets from the U.S.
Instead the down-to-earth pontiff took off his "zucchetto" skull cap before accepting a bunch of flowers in the papal colours of yellow, white and green, from niney Father, you to to the ear-old Beth Coveney, the eldest daughter of Deputy PM Simon Coveney.
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