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or Zug·un·ru·he  (tso͝ok′o͝on′ro͞o-ə)
The migratory drive in animals, especially birds.

[German : Zug, a pulling, move, migration; see zugzwang + Unruhe, restlessness (from Middle High German unruowe, from Old High German unruowa : un-, not; see ne in Indo-European roots + ruowa, rest).]
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He found that a large percentage of the offspring exhibited Zugunruhe (Zug is German for 'move' and Unruhe means 'anxiety' or 'restlessness.
ZUGUNRUHE TANZTHEATER [Performance by Maren Strack and the Brain Store Project at the Red House for Culture and Debate.
Uber richtungstendenzen bei der nachtlichen zugunruhe gekafigten vogel.