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The genetic condition of a zygote, especially with respect to its being a homozygote or a heterozygote.
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(Genetics) genetics the similarity or differences between DNA sequences on the chromosomes of a fertilized egg
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(zaɪˈgɒs ɪ ti, zɪ-)

1. the characterization of a hereditary trait in an individual according to whether the gene pairs for the trait are homozygous or heterozygous.
2. the characterization of twins, triplets, etc., according to whether they are monozygotic or dizygotic.
[1945–50; probably derivative of -zygous (see heterozygous), on the model of viscous: viscosity, etc.]
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Natera announced results of a prospective validation study published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine demonstrating 100% accuracy of its Panorama non-invasive prenatal test in determining zygosity, fetal sex, and chromosomal abnormalities in twins as early as 9 weeks of gestation.
We could not test the apparently unaffected members of the family and therefore cannot comment upon the zygosity of the genetic mutations.
Powered by Asuragen's proprietary AmplideX technology, the assay's robust, two-primer design addresses sample zygosity and preserves the CAG repeat profile even in the presence of adjacent SNPs.
Annotations, frequency, and bioinformatic prediction scores of variants in select candidate genes Gene KCNMA1 CACNA1H Position [hg19] 10:78846314 16:1252303 Nukleotit change c.1372C>T c.1853C>T Protein change p.Arg458Ter p.Pro618Leu Zygosity Hom Het EXAC frequency - 0.001201 PhyloP score 2.672 4.985 PhyloP prediction Conserved Conserved SIFT score - (0.01) SIFT prediction - Deleterious Polyphen2 score - (0.991) PolyPhen prediction - Probably damaging Mutation taster score 1 0.999 Mutation taster prediction Disease causing Disease causing dbSNP ID - rs60734921 Read depth 170 47 Transkript NM 001161353 NM 021098.2 Exon 11/28 9/35
Determination of zygosity in adult Chinese twins using the 450K methylation array versus questionnaire data.
Rapid and accurate determination of zygosity in transgenic animals by real-time quantitative PCR.
The nature and zygosity status of the c.2319_2322del mutation segregating within this family is confirmed.
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Family Variant 1 Genotype Variant 2 Zygosity member III-1 c.9690+1G>A Heterozygous III-2 c.9690+1G>A Heterozygous III-3 c.4011insA Heterozygous III-4 c.3971C>A Heterozygous IV-2 c.9690+1G>A Heterozygous IV-3 Wild IV-4 c.9690+1G>A Homozygous IV-5 c.3971C>A c.4011insA Compound heterozygous V-1 c.9690+1G>A Heterozygous V-2 Wild V-3 c.3971C>A c.9690+1G>A Compound heterozygous V-4 c.4011insA c.9690+1G>A Compound heterozygous
The Natera[R] Panorama[R] noninvasive prenatal test (NIPT) now screens twin pregnancies for zygosity and chromosomal abnormalities.
Operationalization, assessment method, zygosity determination method, and age were significant moderators of the magnitude of genetic and environmental influences on antisocial behaviour, but there were no significant differences in the magnitude of genetic and environmental influences for males and females.