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The genetic condition of a zygote, especially with respect to its being a homozygote or a heterozygote.


(Genetics) genetics the similarity or differences between DNA sequences on the chromosomes of a fertilized egg


(zaɪˈgɒs ɪ ti, zɪ-)

1. the characterization of a hereditary trait in an individual according to whether the gene pairs for the trait are homozygous or heterozygous.
2. the characterization of twins, triplets, etc., according to whether they are monozygotic or dizygotic.
[1945–50; probably derivative of -zygous (see heterozygous), on the model of viscous: viscosity, etc.]
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Panorama is the first NIPT that can screen twin pregnancies for zygosity (identical or non-identical twins) and determine gender for each twin as early as nine weeks' gestation.
Panorama is the first NIPT that can screen twin pregnancies for zygosity and determine gender for each twin as early as 9 weeks' gestation.
The Natera[R] Panorama[R] noninvasive prenatal test (NIPT) now screens twin pregnancies for zygosity and chromosomal abnormalities.
Operationalization, assessment method, zygosity determination method, and age were significant moderators of the magnitude of genetic and environmental influences on antisocial behaviour, but there were no significant differences in the magnitude of genetic and environmental influences for males and females.
35delG Family number Zygosity 901 Combined heterozygosity 903 Combined heterozygosity 905 Heterozygous 913 Combined heterozygosity 914 Homozygous 916 Homozygous 918 Homozygous 919 Homozygous Table 2a.
This is especially pertinent warning should amalgamated offspring amalgamate and the spiraling continue, a noticeable phenomena, as at some point "the resulting zygosity may not be African/Black in the racial sense" (Azibo 2002, 67).
Laboratories are required to indicate type of variant if present and zygosity, and to describe variants using Human Genome Variation Society nomenclature.
Also, the zygosity and genetic penetrance of the hereditary disorder would have an influence on how and how much it would be expressed.
In addition, in patient 22, we first identified a single exonic deletion by NGS using a copy number variation (CNV) calling algorithm, which incorporates read-depth statistics, allele zygosity analysis, and breakpoints detection.
Many of the surveys were conducted in countries where climatic conditions and the racial distribution of the population are distinct from the Brazilian population, and many factors can cause wide variations in results and hinder potential comparisons, such as differences between tests, age of twin pairs, errors in the determination of zygosity, gender differences, and maturational intrapairs (7,11)
The MPG score is dependent upon both the high-quality sequencing read depth and the zygosity at that base and is correlated linearly to the overall sequencing read depth (see Fig.
Causes of delivery and outcomes of very preterm twins stratified to zygosity," Twin Research and Human Genetics, vol.