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Any of several tropical American weevils of the genus Zyzzyva.

[New Latin Zyzzyva, genus name, probably from Zyzza, former genus of leafhoppers.]
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(Animals) an American weevil or small beetle
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Add some high-probability words to your word collection Online study tools (such as "Collins Zyzzyva" - a word training tool for Scrabble) are available freely, and can either list words by probability order, or you can quiz yourself.
Former classy juvenile on the road back At a Chantilly meeting where four of the first five races are claimers, those mining for some quality will quickly be attracted to Zyzzyva in the Prix du Poteau des Vignettes (11.55).
And looking forward, my upcoming work in ZYZZYVA and the Iowa Review are both about displacement set in different parts of the world, and I expect that this will remain a theme that's important to me going forward as it has been in the past.
appear in Tin House, The Kenyon Review, ZYZZYVA, The Rumpus, and
The quarterly update has more than 600 additions but my personal favourite is the new, last word in the dictionary "zyzzyva".
THE Oxford English Dictionary has a new last word - zyzzyva, which is a weevil found in South America.
> Favourite scrabble word: Zyzzyva, a tropical American weevil often found in palms
In the deliberately vague press release, the artist evokes the space of freedom and creativity accessed via sleep, the onomatopoeic rendering of which is, precisely, "zzz." And he speaks of "zyzzyva," that is, "a cartoon depiction of male genitalia in bug form." (Singled out in the press release, the bizarre insect appeared in the only photographic work in the show, where it was equipped with a series of cartoon speech bubbles.
Sanscrit, Zyzzyva, Contemporary American Voices, Cider Press Review,
Event volunteer Marcia Mills, who manned a table that offered extra letters for sale at the bargain price of $3 each, said one sneaky wordsmith had purchased more than a dozen letter Zs with the intention of skillfully finding a place on his board for the little-known word zyzzyva, which is a tropical weevil and also a word that could potentially give a team an unbeatable lead.
She has published short stories and poetry in literary reviews from Another Chicago Magazine to Zyzzyva. Although San Francisco is her hometown, she loves living in Los Angeles, where she is a freelance creative advertising consultant and authors the blog Bigfoot Lives!
He trains using a specialist computer programme Zyzzyva, which sounds like a particularly bad hand in Scrabble, but which throws up sets of seven letters which players have to organise into high-scoring words.